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News Releases

As communication manager, Lee Filas is responsible for authoring news releases for the Lake County State's Attorney's Office. In addition, he served as media manager for one year on the Lake County Joint Information Center during the Lake County COVID-19 response. Also, as a reporter for the Daily Herald in Lake County, he received and rewrote thousands of news releases regarding various news items from around the nation. Below you will find several news releases authored by Lee Filas during his time at the Lake County State's Attorney's Office:  

Lake County Five news release
OMC 2.png
OMC 3.png
COVID-19 news release for Lake County 
corona release 1.png
Corona release 2.png
Corona release 3.png
Corona release 4.png
Rittenhouse News Release
Rittenhouse 1.png
Rittenhouse 2.png
Officer involved shootings in Waukegan 
Statement 1
WKN ofc 1.1.png
wkn ofc 1.2.png
Statement 2
Wkn Ofc 1.png
Wkn ofc 2.png
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